Friday, April 5, 2013

Warbird Ti- First take...

A new tool to chop wood... Some say whipp, I say ax.
Not sure how the Salsa Boys came up with this name... Anybody?
First take,

  • Not sure it'll make me any faster, but it will keep me on the bike longer... 
  • Titanium soaks up the gravel rutts, and random farm tracks. 
  • Geometry of a road bike with clearance works.  
  • That's all I can come up with, it's just a road bike... That will last. 

Random. Danzig singing the blues about whips. He's got many an ax song too.

You don't know Danzig... Whatdoyoumean?!


  1. Mother...Tell your children not to walk my way.

  2. Looks like you want that Rok back?

  3. How many LCR's are in the mosh pit?