Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'New Program'

Been on a 'New Program' for the past 4 days, it's called "Sick as a Dog"...

Day 1- Get caught 2 hours out in a rain/ snow downpour. Drenched, no rain gear, one of them rides where you wring out your gloves when you get done, then shiver and convulse for an hour. The 'new program' kicks in that night.

Day 2- 'New Program' in full effect, but still mobile enough to follow my girls around the mall prepping for Disneyworld. Mall walk is Disney prep.

Day 3- 'New Program' testing, did not want to get cheated on a ROK ratio Cannon Falls/ Qpete ride of 52mi, 4400' climb. Targeted 6 hrs, got 3.5hrs thanks to New Program benefits. B-day gift/ LCR baptism for the Funke-master...

Lacra Cowboys, in a ghost town... 

Here is a blog post of it's own sometime when I'm not shaking from the poison I've got...

Secret back yard trap... 
Day 4- Horizontal for 16 hours, movement, horizontal for 4 more hours. New Program results are seen from Day 3...

Day 5- TBD. Targeting a doctor visit and a change to this now 'not so new program'. This program may show some weight loss for Ragnarok, but with looming weather a couple extra pounds of insulation may be needed.

NOTE: Wilson. I want my ROK back. My fight for it started on day 1 of this program of mine. Results TBD. If I fail, recall the ROK goes to the person that most reflects a wild farm dog let loose to attack, recover, attack, repeat.

Go over here for some L-M-L Recap of sorts:  L-M-L Link, Leftovers


  1. lacra cowboys? Where is Jimmay?

  2. The program sounds like a walt disney scare tactic to me. Talk about a copykat post, reminds me of Tguy posts, i'm sick, then show and destroy.

  3. I Hope that's how it shakes out.

    What do I do with the garlic and stick? The rest and hot tea I get...

  4. Yeah, this was a copy and paste Tri flow blog post isn't it? Good spot RS.