Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This program is no good.

Day 5 (cont.)- That 'new program' I was boasting about... Yap. Failure.

I hope this lung weed killer works in the next 3 days...

Tri-Flow, can you hook me up with one of them there masks for Sat?

Angered. Almost as much as when I got lost that one year. I'm not part of the Ragnarok Finishers Club anymore. Lost at Ragnarok year 5 (or 6?). How many Rags or Roks have we done? I can't keep that math straight.

Day 6- No Clutch. Dangit. Really hoping this lung weed killer works. Putting aside an ax for a dull knife on Sat and changing out tires. You?

Day 7- TBD. Pacing, hacking, circling, and second guessing are for sures. No excuses thow. "It is what it is", right Ed.

Got nothing else. So listen to this. "Gravel Road" by Clutch. In town tonight.  I'm not going, but Hornd is. New album, Earth Rockers, Clutch been slinging it for 20 years. Fly under the radar rock n roll (like LCR), lasts a lot longer than the flash in the pans.

Oh, one thing. Maybe it was the roadie chase down that Eddie baited me into that sealed my fate that day? Nothing like seeing the startled look on a pseudo pro kitted up roadie when he's caught by a bunch of hacks covered in dirt and buzzing knobbies. RICOH.


  1. I'd recommend that you do not attempt Ragnarok with just coming out of pneumonia. You could cause worse damage and delay a full recovery.

    Dr. D

  2. Recover after you get the ROK. Damage is only temporary.