Friday, April 26, 2013

"How Many?"

"Four." [1]

A week of Disney and I still couldn't figure these guys out...

The Duck Brothers

I finally ask the expert, "Madeline, who are these guys?"
"They are Donald's brothers," said a savvy 8 year old.

Visit the Epcot giant ball, decode your future...
What. No bikes in my future? Bunk.

"How'd we end up in scuba gear under the sea? Suppose to be on dirt, pedaling a bike."

Highlights: Dopey dwarf confused in the disney parade, underwater hippo's, Fastpass, terror tower, dinner in cinderella's castle, Banana River lagoon boat tour & manatee's nursing off the storm water discharge, Dude and I body surfing Cocoa Beach/ the girls shell hunting, no bikes for a change, surprised by Mary Poppins, fake safari, Village People live, aerosmith roller coaster, very odd disney hospitality, Grills Bar & Grill Cocoa Beach, E Pass toll roads, sun/ sunburn's, witnessed you stare boss silverback gorilla in the eye and he will charge you (a Stock brother?),

Lowlights: shut out gator spying, pirates of caribbean, haunted mansion, Epcot feed bag not near state fair worthy, no Kennedy Space Center or Seminole Ranch SP (that's where the gators are at), I missed out at a shot at the pugsley long jump world championship powered by LCR

Note: the lung weeds have been eradicated. I have other excuses thow.
Note 2: Got the April winter blues... Whatever. GO RIDE A BIKE. Rant complete.

[1] Get it??? All you Disney vet's should... If no, then go experience the "How Many?"

1 comment:

  1. Six was the answer to my "How Many".

    Long time ago. Good time, but glad I never went back.