Sunday, September 1, 2013

Log Of Death X (w/ no front brake)

Larry- 1

Log Of Death X had it's way with me until I realized my struggles were due to what you hear on video (squeeling front brake/ no stopping power).

Team Ricoh Law of Physics- Lack of stopping power on the front end results in skidding on the back end. When on downhill logs of skinny, results will beat you down.

Here are two of six fails:

Why is it that cross country mountain biking looks so weak on film...

The 2x6's wobble... perfect.

I heart Mammmath.

Farm Team- Skull loop getting blocked off by bow hunters thinking stick piles on the trail will stop a Riddler...

Note- JBush was my witness.

Next- Throw sticks and stones at MotoYoung for a Laboring day...


  1. Who needs a front brake. Just skid!

  2. is that a tan line or are you wearing a white t shirt?

  3. Yep, Keep buyin them shemano brakes!