Friday, September 20, 2013

Learn something new every day...

What I learnt yesterday...

In prep for the 'Queen of Dirt' (roadies call good road rides 'queen stage', that makes Cheq100 Queen of Dirt, right) checking over the Mamasita, a bit of play in the XTR pedals. Uh oh. Last think I want is to be trying to pedal a bicycle in the Cheq forest for 100 miles on the axle alone. You ever tried that?

Whaat will I learn today?

How about tomorrow?

Check your pedals for axle slop.

I'll have my grease zerk gun with if you want to borrow it tonight. But I wont be packing that for the 100 miles tomorrow. Sorry.

8 for life.

1 comment:

  1. Cheq 100. Legit MTB, Free, Bike and Trail Advocacy, Epic Trails, a Feat, Real. Most of the other so called epics, no comment.

    See you up there Larry. I may need that grease gun.