Sunday, September 15, 2013

South Mtn- In the oven

You know that blast of hot air you get when pulling a frozen pizza from the oven? Well I come to learn that's what biking in the AZ mountains are like in Sept, like your face is in the oven.

Kona Satori meet Marge Simpson

Random thougths on AZ and elsewhere;
  • Gecko's have a quicker acceleration, but they couldn't keep my pace.
  • South Mtn- limitless rock playgrounds
  • National-Mormon-Ridgeline-Holbert-Corona-[lost for a few]-Desert Classic
  • A good rainstorm in the desert erodes just the same
  • Multiple 1000' elevation drops (or climbs) in less than a mile
  • Triple digit temps will suck you dry
  • Way more bikes on the easy trails. I don't get it.
  • 1/2 Lb of Slime almost seals up a sidewall gash
  • Sun sets earlier on the east end of the western time zone
  • Heath. Understood. National-Alta loop. Darkness. Large picnic lunch required.
  • Rents good bikes right next to trails:  Cactus Bikes
  • They (AZ bike culture) scoff at fatbikes, but there are some good fat lines after a rainstorm. Rocks scattered, rutts, sand piles, trails eroded, up the downhills, bushwack lines. 
  • Kona Satori; First extended time on a 29r FS. Was impressed in part due to shorter chain stay, bike is not a standard 29r wagon.
  • Chris Horner find the fountain of youth? Ya right.
  • Cheq Fat Tire, what'd I miss? (Congrats Sis, I think you are president)
  • CHEQ100, packing a lunch, would be nice to have what I had a little over a month ago, but if not I'll suffer just the same, and I'll have some Skirts there to share in the misery.
  • CHEQ100, course marked or not? Come on Salsa, 'adventure by bike', course marking not required.

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  1. Lifetime fitness fat tire. who cares.