Monday, September 23, 2013


More of the 'learn something new every day' theme... Saturday-

  • 6:58 AM Rock Lake Road- Cheers to Salsa Tim & Salsa Joe
  • 7AM Rock Lake Road Lead Out- #1 pimps me at first to the woods. no way... 
  • Rock Lake Trail- Too much air, stop twice to deflat, give up spots. rookie
  • Rock Lake Trail- Chase group blows by turn, 1 mi to N32
  • Glacier Trail- I don't trust the pack naviation skills getting us back on course. Stop. Fumble around for a couple minutes with tulip notes only to succumb to chase group chase. Too early to burn the matchbook. rookie
  • Patsy Trail- What? Is that Jack ahead of me?
  • Namakogon Trail- Catch Tri-flow, Ek and company. Rode that one round log. 
  • Namakogon Trail- blow a spoke, then flat. I spend way too much time trying to complete a root cause failure analysis on why I flatted. But, no more flats would be had. 
  • Rock Lake Trail- Heath going backwards. Out with a broke seatpost.
  • Rock Lake Trail- Catch Jack again.
  • Hildebrandt Trail- Catch Eddie, tell him to follow me over my rock. I don't think he did.
  • Hildebrandt Trail- The swamp skinny is the best. You ride it?
  • Rock Lake Road- 3.5 hours in, seeking motivation, finding none.
  • Snowmo Trail- Catch Rocket working a low tire.
  • Danky Dank Trail- Never been. Sweet trail! Skipping a tricky looking skinny, haunted me for the whole road ride South.

Danky Dank Skinny- tricker than it looks.
  • Telemark Road- No bait. Wanted to turn around for that skinny.
  • Janet Road- Dropped a bag from my pocket with $20 in it. Stopped and went back to get it. Catch Horns and a 29 Single on a FS geared. 
  • Hatchery Trail- Finally some singletrack. Back in race mode.
  • Hatchery Trail Head- Check Point. Jacks salami sandwich was the ticket. Lube chain, mix bottles, pop salt pills and point out to B Ragowski what 'no shame' means in LCR speak.
  •  Hatchery Trail- Feeling good, back in race not wander mode.
  • Makwa 'means bear' Trail- More racing. Reeled in 4 of the 6 I crossed paths with at check point. It was the sandwich.
  • OO- Quick picnic, then hard crash going into Seely Pass. Yard sale. Thought I dodge a bullet when I was mobile and bike shifted/ wheels spun. But, broke off lockout, fork spring loaded to locked position. Rest of race rigid. Felt like I was wondering not racing.
  • Seely Pass- Besides sucking eggs trying to shake cobwebs and riddling over the broke lockout, all was good. Had to redo the 60' skinny. Had to make that skinny. How often does one ride skinny's with 80 miles in the legs?
  • Ojibwa Trail- No suspension was a treat. Saw the Wizard. I think he was taking down the course markers towards the end.
  • Finished shy of 5PM. Do the math, just under 10 hours of circling. 
  • 4 Cheq 100's, 4 finishes. Very few on that list I believe. Ride time? I don't know. No computer, no garmin, just the woods. I figure with the mechanicals, 17 pee breaks, 1 yard sale, and 2 picnics probably an hour not moving.
  • Race raised over $10K for trails. 250 people that signed up on the interweb in 48 hours. Less than a 100 showed up. So easy to click a mouse to commit. No shows, you missed a great day on the bike.
Sunday's learning, decode Danky Dank. This time next year Cable Trails will be connected with Rock Lake/ Namakogon Trails. 

Next years race, pack your lights. 

Oh, what I learned on Fri, don't drive 35W to N Iowa on the weekend.

Thanks Volunteers & race Sponsors (Salsa, Milltown Cycles, WTC, Twin6, ACF, Rivers Eatery, and CAMBA)


  1. Sauber your a rookie that don't know how to quit


  2. Interesting read, from what I can understand.

    Where did you finish? Who were the top finishers?

    Sounds like I missed an epic day.


  3. no shame indeed, woulda done the same, but had to pee anyway

  4. I haven't seen the results other than making sure they wrote my name down on the list. I do know #1 (aka Brendan Moore) won it.

    I forgot one other thing. Found a bag of salt pills on Seeley Pass. I put them to good use. No cramps all day.