Monday, October 14, 2013

Levis- Annual LCR Riddler Convention

Riding in circles, heckles, laffs, confusion, all trails backwards, bears that growl in 3's...

We sort of swept the weekend. Heath wins the Morc backwards climb deal (FYI- as long as he is Red Squirl he is still Ricoh/ LCR). Levis, Jim gets the gold on the jeffyoung climb after wanting to quit.

We didn't have an elaborate points system, nothing on paper, or camera, just witnesses. We did get some other failures on camera thow. See the croppies flop.

Toad road, looking for the path of most resistance;

Funny how cross country mtb looks so feeble on camera... ha.

If only we lived in BC. Big hit... Ya right who we fooling.

One more of the Hacks going for the most difficult...

Oh. forgot to mention. new rule. anything on a fatbike don't count.

Left my gold medal for the reverse teeter in the back of Funkes pickup. Didn't count.

vids courtsy of Bush.


  1. Why no video of you riding that rock?

  2. Whatyoumean. Rock Pile II vid, I found the line/ cleaned first attempt, all witnessed and got quiet, but the cattle followed.

    RS, you was missed, but not forgotten.