Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ride around til you break something...

When your rigid SS feels like an FS...

Creek. Creek. Snap.
5 min in to a 2 hour ride, JRA. At this point walking out wasn't bad. I don't believe in luck, but I was lucky here. Failure could have put me on the ground/ not walking out.

Con- I ride the SS approx 10 times per year and only in the Fall/ Winter. This was ride #2.

Pro- Lifetime warranty per Charles and Co at Behind Bars.

Learn something new every day- If a creek is not consistent with pedal stroke or crank torque, you've got something worse brewing than a shot BB.

History- Reminded of the first time when Dr Pete made me take a seat before laying the bad news on me...

Facts- I've had 5 failed frames. 3 other successful repairs, 1 Al non heat treated repair, 2 steel repairs/ 1 successful weld right in middle of 40 mile ride. Out-Fox!

Sort of numb to it now, they all break. I'm no where near the Goat in failures, last count I heard was well over 20. Trek knows the Goat.

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