Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clutch RD, Winter Tested?

As I was admiring the Pug makeover the mind started to wander...

Marvelous... But?
Wonder if any of them 'top secret'/ 'prototype'/ 'bike industry' type testers ever ran one of one these RD's in conditions that we (LCR riddlers) gravitate towards? I say 'we', because the winter riding we do might not be the sort of riding you do. Ever been on an LCR winter ride? Then you know...

I can see it now, that knuckle frozen solid.

"Jack... How am I going to thaw this out???"

"Hey Jim! Where you going, I need help!!!"

"What am I going to do le Goat?"

"Start walking", She'd say.

LCR Riddler convention coming up.
Pleased with the roster of usual suspects and fresh meat.

Note- the Jeffyoung climb only counts when starting from the bottom.
The Jim method don't count.

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