Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last Call for snowbiking and LML

Snow singletrack don't get no better than now...

Stay on the crust or you are doomed. Most do the ride around. Why?

Like I typed before, boardwalks with packed snow pose threats this time of year. Easy metamorphose into difficult... Prairies become the XXX. Deer dig holes which become features. Be the rutt...

RANT ON- So somehow the fatbike birkie becomes the fatbike national championship when you can't ride fatbikes on it any other day and it's groomed by ski groomers? What? That makes no sense to those of us that have been doing this nonsense for long enough to ride the legit fatbike stuff that started this crap like in above picture. In my mind Hillside is the championship. Who won it again? I forget. rant off...

Last call for Lakeville- Milltown- Lakeville (link on the side). Many of you have given me a verbal "I'm in" but yet have not sent me a signal. To be part of this rope a dope you must send me an email. I do have a list of favorite sandbaggers hanging in the weeds though.


  1. Fat bike birkie... bunk. Well put.

  2. Come on Sauber you don't like riding ski trails? Huh. It's so much fun. and so is watching paint dry.