Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LML Roster/ Randoms

Have you been practicing your aero fatbike roadie tuck like this guy?

Can't name yourself. Your Johnsen with an E.
Roster posted. This name wasn't on list, but went I above and beyond and got you on C5 film. Johnsen you are in.

Go over to race blog to catch list of suspects.

People asking what roads will be like. Not sure, but my recon was not quite like this...

Let the good times roll... 

Young lad weened from the ship of SPH!!!  On his own to seek and destroy.

Making your Pop proud... 

See you Sat. Don't backout this late in the game... I'm keeping a list of no shows.


  1. I have the rock packed in the car- any updates to the route?

  2. Sauber your details just bring about more questions.