Sunday, March 2, 2014

Low temps = Good riding

When mother nature gives us this...

-10 F (in the shade)

Routine boardwalks turn to snow skinny's-

Harmless boardwalk metamorphosis into skinny
What's worse a DNF or a no show? 

Had to bail on Cuyuna Whiteout. Bikes must take back seat to reality and when work calls. Bummed certainly, but not cheated since weather is perfect for late season snow biking. It's a treat when we get late season riding like this. Winter trails go inverse. Beginner trails turn into expert lines. XX trails get tamed. 

Cuyuna report- LCR's MotoYoung and Coldbert were bridesmaids in the snowbike race. Johnsen keeps the 'ice championship' belt with the Goonsquad... 

Next up- As much snow biking as possible. A little diversion south and west. Then Lakeville-Milltown- Lakeville. What's your excuse for not showing up? Got something better to do when the trails are closed? Doubt it.

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