Monday, March 17, 2014

On Mars?/ L-M-L

Currently biking as close to Mars as I'm going to get (this year).

{can't get any pics to download. Think marge simpson like cacti, red rock, and singletrack}

Still on the grid, L-M-L entry is open yet. Shutting registration down soon. Note- I wont respond to your entry until the shuttle gets me back from the red planet.


  1. Have a good trip.
    From the that guy with a ski mask..

  2. Sauber dont get lost on mars and miss the shuttle, who will run the race?

  3. HUH????
    Mongo don't care as much about running it as much as she does racing in it. THAT......and the canned food of course.

  4. Anybody know how to get ahold of Larry? I send message to his link, no response. I don't understand LCR talk, foreign language. But I do see the correlation to what is known as the 'goon squad'. No offense, I don't want to wrestle, complete any feat of strength, or ride some random tree log that you guys proclaim.