Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 8 of 11 (not just bikes)

8 things that come to mind from the year, chronollogically typing.
  • Pivot Cycles, got me one. Nice bike, spent alot of money, doesn't levitate or like getting a car wash, but flings well and is a full suspension lover's full suspension. Wanna buy it?
  • Heath going to greener cat water. I was/ still am sad. But he still swims home to where he belongs w/ the Goons.
  • Fogo De Chao with my Honey. Go meat
  • Motorhead and Clutch at First Ave with Ricoh. Couldn't hear for a week.
  • Richy Race/ Fat Bike Fest, got beat by Hollywood... What the??? (But not Jack) Richy was ready for shennanigans... Ha!
  • Mesa AZ visit with Folks, bike with remaining time. Held hands with Habs some. My 6 hour loop (Hawes/ Wild Horse/ Pass Mtn), Habs gave me "the look" in the end. POINT
  • Song/ album of the year--- not much for video's but this is Ricoh.

  • Ragnorok 111, took wrong turn for too long to recover. Didn't cheat myself, still got my 111. But off the finisher list. "*" like Barry Bonds? 
  • Soundgarden comeback, but no visit here!??
  • CHEQ100
  • Spent more time on the interweb and this blog time soak, than in the Word. Need to reverse that.
  • North Shore Trip with Dawn and sKids. Great time along the shores, classic weather (went from 40's to 90's in one day), died a fun heat infused death on 1.5 mcdonalds pancakes at Du Lac. Just finish baby.
  • UP Trip with the Pirate. Copper Harbor bro-mance, Michigan Tech Trail ride in the rain, and the carbin XTR RD destruction. Trail called "Time Trial", that has to be the fast/ easy section I thought. Ha, rt!
  • Fall Trip to Chequamegon Land with folks, Lon/ Rebecca, and my Honey. Became 2 time Ricoh President.
  • Bittersweet hunting with my Honey! We found the mother load.
  • Bones Jones. I think he'd beat Silva and all others on the planet in hand to hand combat. I bet Goat could still get him in a wrist lock.
  • LCR "team" additions. Some good "my guy's" brought in to the fold. Maybe a dud or 3. Speak the language/ kick back to figure-8 out. I think Jack would rather us be LCRT. ha.  
  • Cunyua trip with Jimmmay. Those rocks on top were good flings. James got the Gold, he'd been practisin for that day.
  • Fighting Sioux! Fighting Sioux! Fighting Sioux! 
  • Newt. The Bones Jones of politics. Hopefully the elephants stop bickering like Ricoh.     
  • All the fat bike hype. Bike companies still can't figure out the supply/ demand concept. Everything sold out again this year. Why is that? I say too many insider headset adjustments... 
  • Vikings collapse topped with AP getting knee destroyed. I'm still sad
  • Lack of snow. Good thing we have the river and all the odd ball riding that my kind gravitates too.
  • Comment of the year- At river yesterday ran into Prahmann, he said "you don't ride in a straight line do you..."  

    Yeah, I can't count and I'm an engineer, but 8 is more than a number.

    Tonight- Alistar or Lesnar?


    1. Did Chopper help you pick out your skates?

    2. That kid is Ricoh, Jimmay nephew?

    3. Alistar made lesnar curl up in a ball say mercy

    4. rap is still crap. o...n

    5. Headset adjustments?