Friday, December 9, 2011

Farm Team Hospitality!

Great combo last night. 3 hour tour/ challange session, then festive winter mexi cheer courtesy of Farm Team original Scotty Too Hottie and his better half Deb... Red Squrl with the corned up bread offering... Thanks all!

To add animation, pic of multiple Farm Teamers attached- Barry Too Scary present and accounted for... Got Kipper Snacks? FD, Ringer, STH, and multiple double agents.... But no Habs.

LCR Levis 2007 Beatdown Fest

Farm Team in Michigan? Get serious. There can be only 1, and it started in Chaska around a fire pit.


  1. True that. Woooo Hooo Farm Team!!!

  2. FXP3XR, R.S. says right on. Scottie thanks! Jimmay will be so happy with this posting. It might warm his toes. Did he make the "A" team?

  3. I woulda sworn Jack was cooking in the kitchen with Deb. Where was le Pirate last night?