Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Pickled Salsa Cowboy Fishing Cat

8 LCR's plus 3 (see above, 3 in 1 =8).

As fast as it's going to get right now. Sand is like concrete, felt cheated coasting.

The creek consumed the Pickle and eddy's Guy. The Pirate messed around long enough to freeze the jacket.

Should have waited for the Jimmmay dab. Awesome phone shutter.
You riding down by the river? Don't ignor our fat tracks into and over all sorts of sticks and traps, big and small. Tracks don't lie with fresh white on the ground. RIDE IT. ha


  1. I'd like to come ride with you guys.. Why don't you post more ride details?

  2. Could of used the nates on those icy logs. Still not switching till more snow.