Sunday, December 11, 2011

Double Nate's- The anti-motorboat effect

First fatride ever with knob's on both front and back. Thoughts, riddles, and reflection from Murphy.

Pro Nate's-
  • Can lean the corners, handle a bike like summer riding
  • Traction on the steep ups, they bite like that porcupine climbing the pine at Levis 
  • Figure 8's, turn radius gets smaller, making the 8's tighter
  • Going for the flings, rear wheel takes a bite first plant, no spin (but second bite?)
  • More resistance = Increased beatdown
  • Fall line drops, back and front end stay planted, no yardsales (so far)
  • Tread proportional to air pressure ran
Con Nate's-
  • Less Motorboat effect. 
  • Less tree to tree in granny 3.
  • Can't hear yourself think (not always bad)
  • Dragging a plow when trail is over groomed.
  • Second bite on the fling is questionable.
  • Time between traction and spin out is less, and more violent motorboat 
  • The skid don't whiplash. 
First and reverse tracks on log skinny. 1 whole week of snow with no tracks. They all act like it don't exist I guess.  
Can brag about 1st tracks on wood skinny, but plastic skinny did me in good. Biked away knees shaking just glad to have bike and body functional after crash. No witness though, don't count.

NOTE- LCR winter rule, you don't clean the snow off any trap, just RIDE IT.

Did you enjoy today's lovely southern headwind? Whaat a treat.


  1. I hid in the woods.

  2. I hate bikes at the moment

  3. I dont get the LCR code, are the tires worth it?

  4. YAP.
    But don't burn or trade off your Endo's or Larry's...

    And Dawn had a great idea for that worn out endo of mine... No riddle intended

  5. Are you related to the tire?