Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beaver Dominion Over The Bottoms.

Riddle this...
Jus riding along, at first I noted the work on the tree still standing, then caught the backdrop and it all made sense. Impressive. This work is towards the Ferry end, he's got hard workin buddies in the Youngblood section, and a cousin in Black Dog.

They leave the sharp stumps for us to avoid and laugh at along the trail. We call them punji's, nobody has landed on one (yet). But every beaver has it's day.

Snow came and went, Nates are still on, louder and even harder to think. Not always bad.


  1. Where from the Ferry Bridge lot is this? Along the trail? Having a difficult time with the LCR code.

  2. I still hate my bike.

  3. Thats not me with the "bike hate" post.