Friday, May 4, 2012


Getting old... Amazing thing, you do it along side family, friends, associates, pets, and people that garner attention from many a vector... Certain individuals you associate with regardless if you've never met, you gravitate because of like mindedness. You grow old right along side and share some sort of odd age bond.


One such odd age bond for myself would be with the Beastie Boys. Riddlers from the 80's... Odd ducks I align with. Ricoh candidates. Licensed to Ill, Check Yo Head, Ill Comm, music that turned a corner and pushed Mullets like myself away from the garbage music that consumed the waves. 

MCA, one of the three B Boy ridders passed away from cancer. Dang it. Sounds like he had plenty of time to come to terms with leaving this temporary world. I sure hope he did anyhow.

Shift gear- Sandwich Sat... Rain/ mud ride? I like riding/ racing in grease/ mud. But don't like having to deal with the bike after the fact... Wonder what Triflow and Kurke are gonna do? Trails do get wrecked. And for the people that put the time into building/ maintaining it sucks to follow behind and cleanup from a bunch of Race Cultures. 

Do you melt in the rain?


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