Monday, May 28, 2012

Fish On

Song makes me laff, especially when cruising a fishin lake in the middle of nowhere and your almost out of water.

Temperature liar... Wasn't that hot.

TI needs to be recalibrated

Note to self- A piece of plywood can serve as a bicycle floatation device/ boardwalk. Sweet. In these here parts riding in the mud is no thing. This little not legit area is a goldmine.

Swamp CX- ride it.

Momma turtle, just wants to get down to business...

Just leave me be...

Nope. Could not pass. Had to relocate. Too many Hillbilly D-bags like to run over turtles... I'm part hillbilly myself, but pick on your own kind.

She was friendly she was... 
Note- All this packing for N Iowa, I have an idea on next spring... A loop, a non-race race, some earlier season suffering... Rag Practice. You talking bout practice? Yap, I'm talking about practice. TBD, still have a few pieces of the gravel puzzle to put together... But it's worthy, especially with that swamp crossing above...  


  1. Larrry looop..... In. Time and place?

  2. Hello we are primus and we suck.