Saturday, December 29, 2012

Casperson Park Round Aboot- Results

Good 5 hour day on 3" of so fresh and so clean... First legit FatBike "thing" of the season, and on paper. Can't get more legit then that, right. Right.

None were cheated on the loop. Snowmo rolled well, no sledneck close calls, lake cross always questionable, the boot line chop was enjoyable, never wore any dog or horse dung, mtb trail packing it backwards LCR style, jim owned the split rock backwards and the wood skinny the right way, plastic skinny backwards shook the knees, prairie drifting energy suck, and all felt eyes bleed on the reverse route back to Casperson.

RESULTS (on paper)

Jim showing Drew Wilson (aka Silence aka RideonPurpose) the meaning of "motorboat"...


Singletrack snomo...
Jimmmay!!! Rides a bike for longer than 2 hours. Point!
Jim gets his first victory of the season. Look out fast guys that avoid the tech. Jimm'll motorboat on by like it's no thing... Then wheelie on off, with a 'ding ding'.

Jim's only weakness, coasting the downhills. ha

2 months of racing coming up... Way too many options, only 1 to rule them all... Coldbear. But who knows, might just skip em all and add to this loop insted, and do another one of these with little notice, and make it on paper. You wont get cheated.


  1. Next time Sauber.

    You even lured in outsiders? That guy able to speak the language?


  2. Huh?!?!? D-mac the Slack needs 2 get UNanonymous. EXspecially when hes got a fat-bike and hides. I at least had a built in excuse......................


  3. Can anybody show? Even different colors? Freewheel!

  4. Peewee Petey is calling me out? The gravel road gnome? Has he recovered from the ragie beat down, sick sloppy cold? Colors have been worn in twiniky town when needed not wanted! Fattie rides have been sparse but memorable.....where is your ride cannon falls conundrum? Can you make it to the big towns to ride with the pack, or have you been unforgiven?

  5. Honorable mention? I was just glad I survived getting back to the parking lot on my own. Visions of being frozen in the middle of the woods by myself were fended off by the leg burns. Ha. LCR style beatdown. Love it.