Friday, December 21, 2012

Endo Wreath/ NG

Constructed on a whim last year, this year realized "this wreath rules them all."

Go ahead and copy it with your used Endo.
Latest round of snow added just enough to the crust to make you work for it. Murphy today, forwards/ backwards, redo's. First tracks on all the legit tech, cept "new guy" stopped short on the plastic skinny. Was worthy attempt and impressive dismount (think on what a gymnast does when stepping off the side of the balance beam, only add a fatbike to it).

NG- Canada Dan, does not hesitate on the tech. Goons would approve. Speaks the language/ kicks back. Just needs to wrestle the Goat.

NG helped me break sticks to remind those who pass, we don't groom the easy out.

This way to the skinny pictured above... LCR!
Note- Next time I do Cross Fit with the Wonder Twins I gotta stop for a sec and take a pic of the freaks in action. My brother is on to something...

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