Friday, December 14, 2012

Wilco, Ragnarok. River.

RS, forgot to mention last night. Copy loud and clear. Over.

ding ding.

I got something prior to The Spring Classic (L-M-L, see link on the side), I need to get the ducks in order so I can make it legit (or at least half baked). It's a good route, even for my Sisters. Date may be iffy. If you finished Ragnarok year 1, you 'should' be good.

River, missed the last couple weeks. Nobody cared (ha.). Can say it's no longer 'my ride'. Got a life of it's own. Good riddance.

See the 8 LCR's, 1 fishcat, 1 chameleon, 1 pickel, 1 one one.

The Sisters had their way with me. Lost count of my lost points. Didn't even get angered, that's a bad sign... Maybe I got the same thing Jack's got, I don't care/ pirate fever?

A coated Hot Dog. Multiple fails.  But shall not pass.

NOTE- Been questioned on why not clean the snow off the technical lines. THAT IS AS BAD AS SKIPPING IT. MAYBE WORSE. Feel the guilt. Don't cheat yourself.

NOTE 2- Jim says if the trees are round and no bark then cleaning off snow is ok... I disagree. Do you want your hands getting wet trying to easy up the good stuff? Don't cheat yourself.

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