Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Casperson Park Round Aboot- Sat Dec 29th

I got something in mind for 3 days from now.

WHY- It's an idea in my head and stellar conditions to pull off a fatbike 'thing'.

WHERE- Meet at Casperson Park, Lakeville (n iowa by way of MN). 9AM.  (Interweb map the location) Easy access from 35W, 185th or 210th St exits.

WHAT- Plan on 4-6 hours on a bike. Terrain will include everything you could ride with a snowbike. It will satisfy all who enjoy the fat. If not or you say "it sucked/ waste of a day", you can superman punch me with no recourse.

8- If weather participates, and I get a bum garbage disposal replaced with my time off, then I can mark it and it'll be on paper.

8- If weather don't participate, then I wont mark it and we just ride this worthy loop at a pace that will not cheat you.

Swag Swap- Bring a new or slightly used bike part to donate/ swap. Gold medal and last in get dibs. We'll head to Harry's Cafe (first round on me) after.

8 cont- Wondering if you should show or not? Plan on 1.5 hour ride on variety of terrain (3mi snowmo, 0.5mi lake cross, 3mi snowmo, 2mi shoe/ boot, 1mi gravel) 1 lap of 9 miles of 'groomed' singletrack (1.5hrs), then reverse route (1.5hrs if not bonking) back to Casperson.

See it? and the lake to cross.
NOTE- My game, my rules. More details later, but THOSE WHO RIDE THE TECH GET TIME BONUSES. Big time bonuses.

Interested? Pound rocks/ Send me a signal. Or just show... and Pack a cold lunch.

Embrace the boot line.
More details this week when I'm not you tubing how to replace a garbage disposal.

Consider this 'thing' your Christmas present.

Plan for the worst, expect the best... 8.


  1. Sauber. I know your game. You just looking for others to suffer and leave for dead.

  2. this looks awesome larry, if my kids get sick and I can't take then camping on the north shore I'll be there. Thanks for putting this together, its nice to see others getting into the spirit of the fat-bike thing and not doing the same ol lame shit that everyone else is doing

  3. sounds like all you LCR's are scared of your own kind.