Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mama Swap

Finally retired the original 08 Mama frame for the backup 11 Mama frame I've had collecting dust for the last 2 years. I didn't give the 08 Mama enough credit when I found a nice sized dent in the down tube [1], let alone the bond streak everybody took for a crack back in 09. Then the mass exodus of Mama frames. I didn't want to deal with the warranty run around plus the bike was good at chopping wood. You don't worry about cosmetics when all you do is chop wood.

One ax for another
I will miss the 08 Mama. 5 plus years of splitting wood. She finally gave out when Young Max told me  a new RD and hanger wasn't doing the trick, she still wasn't square. The rear drops/ triangle have morphed. But you know what, she went down with a fight, not a cosmetic bond streak...

Note- This blog will see even less effort. The stories aren't great, I'm no fast guy or 'look at me' type, long winded training plans/ nope, unfolding paragraphs of race details/ boring, or somebody people should listen too because I know all things bike. I'm just a hack that gravitates to the misphits and ricoh suavey's of the bike cultured. I do like to suffer tho, and laff at/ with my sisters, and those that speak the language, I'll type about that...

Picnic anyone? Eat bread at a Richy Race, or head to the Mayo district of Iowa for a bacon sanwich in the city park wit a few Shifties.  Then on Sunday, don't forget your Mom, not to be confused with a biked Salsa Mama...

[1] Integrity of dent, if it acts like a pop can, you can't trust it. If no flex, ride on. Check for flaking paint as well. I have a bike known as 'the pop can'. The Goat will tell you the story, in person only, ask her about electronic comm and she gets angered.


  1. Hack?

    Your a wood splitter Suaber.

  2. Talk yourself down Laaarry. Who you trying to fool with the I'm no fast guy.

    I'm gunning for you and your LCR gang this year!


  3. Look at me all the way!


  4. Look at me.........chopping wood.......and flowing Mongo-locks (mop).
    Rainbow bike down....I repeat, rainbow bike down.