Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Buck World #2

We've been living in a water world. Weather parted on Thurs for a perfect night of hot laps at Buck; RESULTS: BUCK RACE LINK

Fat for FOUR laps. First fat to finish (3 lap don't count yet in LCR world), but youngMax still got me, dangit. 33lb Pug, running original husker bricks, nothing on it is light, no secrets, no insider info, just a battering ram, I like Surly. As things break or fall apart I'd like to get under 30lb's, that's my plan.

Next week. Change is good. Bringing it. Only one at a time thow.

No wheelie can Jim do. He met his match.

Wait, I have one tech tip, run a rock ring on your fat. Much pleasure in the bash.

Levis on the brain. To do, toad road, cliffhanger, porky point, sidewinder, all backwards.

1 comment:

  1. but wait- maybe Jimay finally found a bike that I could do a wheelie on. Just my size!!