Friday, May 31, 2013

The failures of Quinn B Larsen at Buck #3

In team Ricoh fashion, fail. fail. fail.

  • Quinn B doesn't take to the pressures of work well. Process Hazard Analysis over lunch, but no lunch. Race on empty? What? Panic.
  • Starting 2 min back is even more of a challange/ like starting off your back in wrestling, good. Attempt a pass on rider X to stay on wheel of a determined Triflow, into the sticks goes Quinn B with Pugs... Bad moves on passing/ matches burnt + no overdrive = Couldn't lessen gap + game over. Dangit.
  • Beat by Triflow and them new skinny-fat rims. fail
  • Jimmay test riding a carbon fatbike, no wheelie, comments to self/ kept mouth shut, Quinn B missed the first Fat loser free beer. fail
  • Didn't bring any Dales Pale Ale/ Eddie beer. fail. 
  • It's Larsen with an E. fail
Note- Will Jim take his turn next week? Says he's hanging up the Fat for the summer. I think he's just mad he got beat by the Sisters. Quinn B fill in?

'Looking for my lost shaker of salt...'

1 comment:

  1. I didn't get a chance, but did you go down in the single track on the first lap? I heard some trouble behind me. Wasn't sure if it was you. Not sure which I disliked more; the starts in advanced or the rider hopping in fat.

    Buck Hill: Gun Show 2, Tri Flow 1

    Looking forward to our 4 hour throw down there.