Friday, May 17, 2013

Buck World #1

Your a racer boy, or curious about the whole racing deal? Buck is the best way to cut your teeth. No doubt you will leave pleased on Thursday nights.

Every year Penn Cycle pulls off the best mtb racing in the state at the most marginal trail in the state. How is that? It's a mix of family fun, intensity, and weeknight chillax.

Results are here: RACE RESULT LINK

Penn added a 'fatbike' class at 3 laps. Only 4 people partook. There was more fats in the 4 lapper. Believe I was the first fat across the line. If they'd just run it with the 4 lappers I'd have signed on. Not in it for the podiums or prizes. It's all about the suffer fest and fighting through the chaos and bottle necks, that's what makes you faster, not your ego. 

I do understand Penn's point of view, they are trying to get more beginners/ fats out on the Buck Hill and sand. So you Fats, come on out. There isn't really any disadvantage to running your fat at Buck. 

Note- Triflow, right back at ya...

Note 2- Sunday MN Series race, St Croix Wooley. Weather looks iffy at best. Excuses that come to mind; don't damage the trails, price of gas is crazy, new chain on the bike and crazy Joel has my chain tool, something around the house is going to break this weekend, and my favorite/ I don't want to melt in the rain.

Primus is coming to town...

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