Saturday, May 11, 2013

Refuse to DNF/ Sandwich 50

First, in my mind there is no worse taste than a DNF. When you push thru a mechanical (either bike or body) it's just as rewarding as any podium. Today was one of them days.

First legit ride on modified Mama had me riddling in many facets. Eventually I paid the price, was riding somewhere 5-7th, lap 4 (2hrs +) shooting breeze with fast guy Caleb, shifted late on steep up and 'crunch'. Spent 5 min thinking it was the RD, walked a bit insted of bending that RD, the next 5 trying to get my rusted chain tool to work and 20 min breaking and quick linking the chain. Way too long, but I was not going to walk it out. No way. Nope.

Got going again, pleased to be 30 min down but on the bike. Reeled in a bunch including the 'Ice Champ'. Not sure where I finished (9th?/ 19th?/ 29th? something with 9), only thing I looked at on the results was Horn'd DNF'd off the start. He would not be denied. Drove back to Kris-tol, got other bike, went to Hillside with his paper plate #666 and got his fix. LCR gave him the sickness. Point.

I had said less effort in this blog. Token Pic. Chain is now scrap.
Hat off to Crazy Joel. Going out for lap 7, threaten the Mayo'ians 'you guys going to be here when I finish right!' Refuse to quit. Worthy.

Kurke/ Tri-Flow/ Volunteers (Gal freezing behind the computer)/ Roch Velo- 'thanks for the beatdown'... Great trails, chili, brats, Iowa wind, and swag. Very Hillside like but tighter and just as much junk to ride. I rode all of what caught my eye. At race pace, even more consequence with failures, bliss.

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  1. Another lap I would have been in the parking lot alone and sad. However, would have felt I represented the Clydesdales proper. Still all good and thanks for the words during the ride. Note: since I was in such a rush I stopped and picked up your chain tool? I think it’s your killer. Awesome event