Saturday, June 22, 2013

10K run, more hurt than 100 mile MTB race?

Cheq100 canceled. Go run my Honey's first 10K with Her then.

Fundraiser race for Children's cancer research WORTHY.

Haven't ran more than 3 miles since I started mountain biking 20 years ago. Will it hurt tomorrow? Rigormortis already settin in...

No bars. Behind Shoes?

St. Paul Farmer's market, incredible local growers we have. "Herbman", Riddler from north iowa region. Wonder if he'd sponsor LCR?

I want one of them hats...

Up next... TBD. If I have to move backwards up and down stairs not sure I will make it to Red Wing MN MTB series race... Dangit, one of my favorite trails...

But.  Jack's challenge, completed.

3 blogs in a row... Way too much time on hands.


  1. HUH?
    Whatcha runnin from Mongo?
    Gotta face your problems.....only RUN when runnin someone down.
    Nice number placement........looking for a new level of chafing?

  2. Big Larry, sorry about the Cheq100 man but anytime with the honey has got to be well spent. I wish I would have signed up for the 100 since i could be in shape for it by Sept. See ya Buck