Sunday, June 9, 2013

Buck World + Cuyuna Race= Good times/ Square pedaling

A bit more intensity of late. Sub par, no excuses, just getting whupped. As long as no DNF, pleased. Get back to the feet for the next round.

Thurs, Buck World week #4. Unvailed the new LCR lacra. No bike culture here, LCR is jim-cultured.  Tri-flow and I are now tied 2-2. Next two weeks I'm out. TF, we may have to pick this back up after Cheq100. I'd say we could throw punch's there, but I'm not running no fat for that.


Dales Pale Ale. Would you consider sponsoring this elite group?

3 Dales, 2 J's, 1 Ed, no Larry. Where is the Piratt?

[abbreviate version. Do you like long winded race recaps?]
  • Saturday Cuyuna MTB fest. Jeff 'Moto' or 'Strava' Young and I with a quick trip nort to partake. 
  • Moto Young is part of the elite squad of LCR rookie recruits for 2013. 
  • Race course was basically Mahnomen + connector double track. Expected around 2+ hours and 3 laps, got 1 hour 43 and 2 laps. Even with square pedaling and losing places I wanted a third lap. We made up for it with more biking in Yawkey and Portsmoth.  
  • 100+ racers, something like 30 elite, with a good crop of fast guys to keep pace. Of note, Mr Jay Richards geared up and towed the line. Very pleased, a day will come and he'll be ringing it again.
  • Off start 2 mi of 2 track, funneled into single, dumped out, sprint speed, part of group misses turn back in, we didn't. That summed up race for the winner (LCR Moto Young). He drilled it for 2 laps, I worked up to 2nd spot then faded 6th. Various recaps had the split group ( T Miller, Richards, Richards, Basco Brothers, Hackensack, Martens) with 1-2 min lost. At beginning of race that shouldn't factor much. Moto Young victory legit. The guy bikes like he crushes rock. 
  • Of note- great job making experts take the b line technical traps. Cuyuna Nick witnessed Moto Young tipping over on a skinny while in the lead. That is LCR. No conservative running with your bike, you ride it or you fail. You get up, dust off, try again. Young Basco Brothers caught me with a crappy flop in one of the traps on their way to taking 3-4th spots. Anikin and I worked off each other, he had more in the end. Most impressive was Joe Kjeer, he kicked me off his wheel when he went by me for 2nd place.
  • Thank you Cuyuna MTB Club, may I have another... 
  • Good day on the bike getting a spray tan and a whuppin at Cuyuna. 

1 tank. 2 medals. 1 legit first. 1 warm fuzzy. 

Up next: Cheq100. Looming fear. I've been spinning squares without the distance. Will have to rely on a strong back and tuned out mind to get me thru. That and might need the rest of that bottle of Rock N Roll wet lube that saved me last year.

Note- All you 250 people that were quick to jump in and sign up on the interweb. This isn't anything like the fat tire 40. Pack a lunch. And some wet lube.  

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  1. Sauber with a red spray tan. Time to shave the legs you goon.