Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stinkin Hanger/ Buck MN Series

Couple days ago. JRA (in the rain), I like log skinny's, but I don't levitate. Rear end slides off log. Dreaded RD noise. Rain increases, so does noise. Stop and assess. Hanger tweeked. That's easy, I have spare at the parkin lot. In midst of on the fly/ in the rain hanger swap realize the 1MM hex head was stripped on install. What!?!

1mm hex. Seriously?

I don't get this hanger? For an MTB, why 1MM bolts?  This is an MTB hanger, not road. Dangit.

Buck MN Series today. Perfect day, 5 Miles from north iowa, I was due and got no excuse... Recovered from 10K? Not really.

Surely the longest 1:27 min race in some time. 6 laps, full throttle, nowhere to hide. Started strong, faded. Pretty much the opposite of what I typically do... MN SERIES RESULTS LINK

Johnson gets the point. Rode from home. Raced. Rode home.

Young Tim. What's that on the back of your helmet? ".... Larry..." What?

NOTE- Day 4 after my first 10K in 20 years was the worst. Had to resort to walking backwards down the stairs... Still feeling it in my left knee. But at race pace it's numb. I will race a 10K again this year, but I ain't training for it. Bring the run pain.

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  1. Haha. In the rain trying to thread a 1 MM Hex bolt. Sounds like failed field surgery.