Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sat Mulch, Sun Mankato

Who needs to preride Mankato when you have a driveway full of this to be moved... Plus, I really hate saving it for race day.

Sat, rest day? Nope. I grew up with a shovel in my hand...
Mankato MN Series race... All my years of driving over to West Central North Iowa, I don't think I've ever witnessed better conditions. Great day to ride a bike, aye. The trail 'is what it is', hasn't changed in 10 years, but for a one time a year deal, good fun. Also found my way down to the new MTB trail along the MN River. Fun little loop. Thanks to the locals that move the dirt along the banks of the Muddy.


My showing... What do the kids say for lackluster, 'meh'... Had fun, gave it when I could, riddled over my slipping seat post and rear wheel squish (turned out to be broken spokes). I do like the made over Mamasita with the Reba RLT thru maxle, so much less flex on the front of a 29.

Up next? It's all training for Cheq100, which is training for my Aug living the bike dream week. Haven't pulled the trigger on back to back 100's, but want too. Also got a title to defend at Levis in July, dang wish it was in Oct.  

The Ice Champ kitted up for the first time... From stealth to "LCR!"

Note- Jack calls, "Monday, Mammmath, 4:15." I say, "whatdoyoumean. Easy to call out when you weren't racing today"... And the Sat bromance with Jim don't count even if you guys got soaked.

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  1. I bet I could out-shovel you Sauber.