Monday, June 17, 2013

Giant Sand Dune/ Shing Wako

This has got to be the largest sand dune east of Moab... Or at least this side of the real Iowa. The Warbird had not chance, even with the Ti.

sand pile so large can't fit into camera range.

A little cabin time with Dawn and the kids... Shing Wako, "White Pine" says the natives. Low profile resort on Lake Edwards (where QPete was hatched) 10 miles north of Brainerdt. What did Baxter do to get all the spotlight these days?

2 feisty large mouth bass and one slow carp

Rode all the stuff with redo's and backwards packing at Cuyuna. Minus Timbershaft, the most worthy trail is the Demo Trail. Don't let the name fool you. Biggest scree pile to ride, largest on trail rock fling, and a rock stacker that always seems to give me difficulty. One of them deals where I ride it until I clean it or something breaks.

Dawn took the kids to Paul Bunyan state trail for a jog and kid energy burn. Mixed results, jog accomplished, but a straight/ flat/ no turtles to save, led to a less than enthusiastic kid posse.

Had a family day on the Cuyuna trails too. A bit of something for all. Locals still don't take to bicycles and lacra all that well. My party of 4 learned not to stare the local Riddler in the eye when they are on their way into the liquor store. ha

Note- The roots are starting to get exposed through the red dirt. Don't kill the roots Cuyuna, don't kill the roots.

Do you have your wet lube packed for Cheq100?

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