Sunday, October 16, 2011

Improv down by the river...

"It's all what you make of it..."

Usually that saying applies to kids, and bad attitudes. Well you can apply it to the River Bottoms and biking. The cliche is the river is not technical. Well, if you look up/ look around, there are many a games to be had.

Jimmays Stump. You gotta look for it off in the sticks but its there. Line will be easier to find in winter.

"The Up and Over". Don't look deadly but you'll think twice. Go up and over the berm. When iced over its a good riddle. Fast downhill in the mounds. Gotta look hard but it's there.

Black dog- Mounds- Ferry, past years it was a 3hr loop, Now it's a 4+hr loop. Thanks to the sand dune playgrounds, you can either take the path of least resistance or play in the sticks. I prefer the later, so do my sisters.

Of all the Youngblood bridges, only one is gone. His trail needs some bushwackin. The line down my one spot has no exit as well, just claw your way back out the ravine...

Winter/ snow will make the lines more easy to be had. If you see something veer off the normal, chances are it's LCR. Stumps, loose logs, rock, pointy sticks, giant mound of frozen dirt with no exit, and the best plowed frozen over snow banks,,, points to be had or lost.

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