Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday Funday (ride time < drive time)

So everybodys been to Cunyana expect for Heath and me. So yesterday Jimmmay took a day off to show me the loops.

  • Yawkey Rock traps on top of the hill
  • Jim telling story about Jack getting yelled at by Farm Team for riding high on the sidewalls.
  • Losing points to Jim on said rock traps. Endless redo's to get in the flow of the herc and jerk. Jim calls it yelling at the trail.
  • Pemberton loops, fast roller downhills, screamin when you send it.
  • Pemberton climbs, more climbs then I expected. Couple good grunts
  • Endo alley, nice skinny between rock gaps.
  • Jim telling DNR officer he don't normally wear spandex. Officer looked at him funny
  • Ride time < drive time, but still worthy.
  • Never felt threat of getting lost in the woods/ no fear of a wrong turn
  • No roots. Jim pointed it out, got me thinking, root killers.

Self pics are yag, but this is all we came back with...

Yawkey rock trap area. First attempt of many redo's. First corner is trickier than this looks. Jim cleaned first attempt. Jack said this loop was alot more difficult but people are dumbing it down. I don't get that. You scart, act like it's not there or leave it alone.

 Picture don't do this justice. Point can be lost.