Friday, October 28, 2011

"Alaman Left,

dose-e-doe, grab the next stick and down youll go."

Woulda snapped a shot of the hook that took me down last night. But you know the scramble you get when you go down in instant and you got 8 lights behind you now grabbing brake?? Found out post ride audit that the hook took Habs down last week. Jim threatened to cut hook out. I say hook stays.

Stickered Goat Machine- self proclaimed "Gold" in the end. I guess taking Haaberman bypass counts. How to heard farm animals up hill? 
 9 doing curtsies last night... 2 noobs, Eddies guys. Almost had to make a new rule of no more than 1 new guy if your not going to show yourself. One of Eds guys played magic act, but was found, the other was all smiles saying "this reminds me of being 15 and stupid again!". This ain't your typical mtb bike ride/ river racer pose off, more of a goon squad square dance in the sticks. 

Looking forward to some frozen sand, boot holes, and questionable ice.


  1. Interenets say green eyes shining in the dark are cat eyes. If true, we had a big cat watching us. Ed's my witness.

  2. What's up with the Goat Socks? Somebody buy that Viking some boots.

  3. Confirmed from animal planet story- You hear the flying carp better in the dark.