Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boa/ Ride a bike when most don't

Rewind the clock 7 months... Lake Winter Shoe Boa buckle lace broke on last ride of winter season. Finally got around to dealing with it, found out Boa warranty is more then fair (thanks to Charles/ Behind Bars). If you need new Boa buckles or your lacing broke check this out.

Securing the laces to the spool is a puzzle. Don't forget to have all laces correctly routed prior to tieing the knots on the spool. Don't cut the laces too short either. I had to redo 4 times before I got it right... =8

Can't wait for that January -10F day singletrack. When all you hear is snow crunch and sticks snappin. Thorns have extra tensil strength, fear the flat...

LCR Levis Beatdown Fest 2007 (Many factions partook in this clan rally)

2011 Game awaits... No idea who's in and who's not... The LCR way... No clue.

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