Monday, October 10, 2011

Levis Trow = Ride Time > Drive Time

LCR circles at Levis-Trow. Highlights- old school trail, sand, stumps, rutts, fling pts, roots, rocks, leaves, sidewinder backwards, D-Man hanging with the pack, porky pt backwards, new corkscrew line, jimmmay with the gold (and the tapout), the badger/ porcupine blockin the trail daring us to follow his line up the tree.

We had guest appearances. Many were absent for various reasons, but not forgotten. Good to see Rocket, Heath and D-Man, Jimmmmay and His guy, Eddie, Horns, RayOsow, Gonzalez and His guy, Magic and His guy, Mick the PC, and Dr Pete.

Ricoh Personified- Magic and his guy.

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