Friday, October 21, 2011

Fresh Tendrils

A Soundgarden song, and what kicking off the Fall/ Winter Thursday games with the sisters means. Only 1 objective, show up to claim the point when it don't make sense.

Trail Goons, trap setting

This ride don't count (says the voice of reason).

Creek crossing w/ sticks. No threat/ don't count either. If crossing but a mudhole, different story.

Dunes at night. Hard to decode the line, mostly end up in a deadend of deadfall.

Jim and Jim's stump. 

Scotty with the gold, he had skinny tires and followed into the dunes at ramming speed. 

Good times in the sand and sticks. Bushwackin can be your friend... Interested in joining the Thursday night affair, send me a signal... 

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