Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Batted 875

In baseball world this would be a real good average:

  • 1for1. House chores/ Mice terminated, holes plugged.
  • 2for2. Trample Turtles, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket. Twas a duluth bluegrass/ pseudo-hillbilly/ modern pink floydish- space cowboy/ rock out anthem "Outta My System!!!"
  • 3for3. Twins Game with Dawn/ Kids, Chopper and Jimmmay. 12th row 3rd base line. Twins lose, naw really?   Jim had fun (seriously).
  • 3for4. WTR race (hid). Stee-rike out. or better yet sallied out. Didn't feel like the sunday series routine (drive/ wander/ race for filler/ wander/ drive). Sometimes a miss motivates. 
  • 4for5. Worship Hosanna... PTL!
  • 5for6. Ordered wedding ring (learning- easy on, hard off)
  • 6for7. 3+ hour Murphy loop, ready for 100 miles of red dirt.
  • 7for8. Dr. Charles surgery, brakes held up. Time to get red.
  • 8for9. First cast, first catch for Madeline. A sunny, then the mother load (a perch).
Look out Babe Winkleman and Jack.

I was better at baseball then I am at bikes. I just didn't like riding the pine and standing around spitting in a glove. There is something about bikes and a beatdown that keeps me engaged.

Bring on the Rusty Ride Race. 

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  1. What did you play in baseball, Left Out?