Friday, August 10, 2012

Behind Bars Urgent Care- Patient feedback/ Buck last fat

When you got a bicycle 911, where else to go for a dose of outpatient care then Dr. Charles at the Behind Bars Clinic. Symptoms/ treatment:
  • Front Brake- thought it was brain eatin ameoba draining my stopping power. True be told it be an aging master cyclinder + death grip?. Temp fix by Dr Charles to keep me moving. Long term, will need followup visit.
  • Front Brake- pad pin stuck then partial strip (trail side operator error)... Who invented the easy out, sweet!
  • Bottom Bracket- Bearing end of life, easy replacement... Until that 2mm centering bolt stripped. 2008 XTR was wiped off the planet. Backup plan is computer parts to hold together. Riddle that!
  • For the moment, clean bill of health, 2008 Mama keeps ticking, no need for that pacemaker on the wall.
Behind Bars Medical Clinic- Dr Charles, Head Surgeon

Will she stay functional for next 2 weekends of abuse? TBD.

Buck Last night- Race Results click here. Fat only had a class one week. Guess that makes me the Buck Worlds Champ of fat...

Tonight, Beard Fest. Turtles that trample, Horses of a band, and Morning Jackets... Been too long since good music live and outside. Only thing better than rocking out in the dirt is riding it.

WTR Sunday, MN series in WI. Worthy of your time and efforts. Pre or post ride, they have some good traps (skinnys, rock flings, etc). Ride the traps backwards too.



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