Friday, August 3, 2012

Buck- Fat has Class...

Fat Class- Introducing the most recent way to handicapp yourself while racing a bike... BUCK RACE RESULTTS 

Random thoughts- seems like one clock starts time for all classes, no prorate with wave starts?, 30 sec wait but same time as who I finished with?, fight from dead back = fun, ladys times been skewed for years? There was more than 10 fats racing, lost in the dust I guess. LCR takes podium like days of old, until the masses take over. Fact, the fat class actually kicked off in 08 or 09 when we had the lil scurmish with Wood. Skewers loosened on the line, domino'd bikes, then fats ghost rided at in return. Was almost as good as AWA wrastling at the Met.

If Penn makes it stick, please run em with the Advance Men Class...

Wait. Even better, run em in front... Fat Fox's and Hound's...

Random. Happy Goat getting hammered at 24 hour. 


  1. What do you mean.

  2. Jim said we started a minute back of Adv class. Even better for the fat-ego.

    I don't recall, time stopped watching bottleneck unfold on south side of Buck.

    Looks like my time was better than yours afterall Johnson!

  3. Sauber you speak a different language.