Saturday, August 25, 2012

MN24 6Hr Sally- Overall

Seems like I need to prep by eating a frozen pizza for dinner at 10PM the night prior after a pathetic Vikings game more often. Had the legs for the 6 hour sally, fitted the pug up with the original heavyweight husker du's. Payed off, cleaning Stairway to Heaven 10 of 11 times.

Entered the fatbike class but if you take the overall, you might as well claim it. Ya I felt guilty not racing 12 hours, but with 30 min laps and no quarry or skinnys I got rather board by hour 4. Then the cramp demons came alive at hour 5. Not sure how I would have responded had I pushed along for another 6 hours. On my 32 lb's of fat, probly not so well.

3rd- Drew Ragnarok KOM Wilson, 1st- LCR!, 2nd- Bart Rodberg

Hat off to the 12 and 24 solo's going and gone at it... With 30 minute laps the madness is ensuing right now I venture to bet.

Race don't stop til 10AM tomorrow. Check in on Mr Farrow and the strong men/ women here. MN24 Upto the min Online Results

The setup. A battering ram, nothing pimpy nor up to the minute fatbike lightweight.
Special thanks to my Sonyer (QPete) for the on the fly bottle prep, then disappearing act. Saved me the tweek of having to pour my own bottle powder on the fly...

Note- wonder if Red Baron Pizza would sponsor LCR?


  1. Holy cow, that is a feat. Good job Sauber


  2. Yep, awesome!

    When you caught me and asked if I had gone out too hard, no... You just rode great!

  3. Mr Sauber, impressive as you motored on by.

    I have a question for you. I'm planning to build up a fatbike and noticed you don't use a big ring. What are your thoughts on gear ratios, big rings on fat bikes?

    Thanks Nathan.

  4. Red Baron Pizza. YOur on to something. Have Jim send them our team bio. ha


  5. Hey Larry: Watching you climb that rutted long long hill was truly an inspiration!!!
    Well Done,