Sunday, August 19, 2012

"If you get lost, you shouldn't be riding a bike."

said Cuyuna Nick...

I guess I better take up old man's rugby or kickball then...

Yep, got lost. 'Rusty Ride', MORC fundraiser at Cuyuna trails/ 1st annual.

100 miler. Off the start gapped the field with 1 at a moderate pace. Got spun around early on in a grass maze fighting to stay on the wheel of the eventual winner (Trevor Rockwell- ringer from the real Iowa). All was good, found my bearings, finished the lap, figured out my mistake, gentlemen's agreement with Trevor that I'd complete what I missed on lap 3 or 4. He was good with that, so on we race.

#88 and Rusted. 

Trevor didn't drive up from Iowa to solo off the front, he was there for a fight, so I did my best to give it to him. Good guy to ride with, strong SS'er in the technical, working his way up the national level ultra mtb racing scene.

Spent the bulk of the race trading leads, riding hard but when it's 100 mi, you got to regulate the output.  In the end Trevor gapped me in the grassy maze on lap 4, I stopped and redid my error from the 1st lap and finished out the Cuyuna trails pleased with the effort. 100 mi, 2nd place, 7hr 44min. Half the ride was either grass, snowmo trail, or road thus the scewed fast time. The Mahnomen singletrack was used for the race, a maze of IMBA style trails put together real well for the race.

THANKS MORC VOLUNTEERS!!! Specifically Cuyuna Nick, Amanda, Meg, all the people that forsook their own riding on the day to support, and DNR Steve. Great first time event. I understand why it is called a "ride". Legal lingo with the State/ makes sense. This ride was full on beatdown/ worthy.

LCR games- Jack wasn't down with the grass sickness and went over to Yawkey to ride the real stuff after 1 lap, my Sis (Rebecca) won the ladies 50, Lon rode strong for 3rd in the 50, Ed pushed through his flat disease and finished the 100, Marx the Machine was all smiles after the 50, le Mac cooked up and fed 8 lbs of bacon, and Porteay saved the day by taking down a bees nest.

Note- Barry T won the 50. Can't forget big bad Joel B kicked it in the 50 either!

Next- I haven't a clue. I'm feeling good with no target. Riddle that.

Recovery- Horse racing at Canterbury, ever thought on what it'd be like to be a horse jockey? Come on, think about if for a second. White knuckle wicked like coming down Moab Rim with vee brakes.
Random. Wonder if they'd let us do a hot lap on the fats in that loose dirt? We'd top the rodeo clowns for sure. Jim would build a jump off to the side and get us in trouble.


  1. I am not sure how you guys did 100 miles yesterday. You are the endurance master Larry. ANIMAL! Fun weekend and glad to see all you guys. Thanks killer. Grass/velco was harder to ride in than mud I think. At least it felt like it

  2. Good work Mr Sauber.

    BTW, Your not small enough to be a jockey.


  3. Nice work up there on the red dirt! Way to push through the pain (and grassy doubletrack). Good to see you.

  4. LCR hanging out with Farm animals.

  5. doesn't LCR have a kickball team already?

  6. Wow!!! I used to race Trevor back in sport class. Still a SS'er then too. I worked my ass off but earned his respect in the end. Good to know he is still at it, and still fighting off LCR!!!