Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cross Town Traffic!!!

Jimi sang it best. (this vid rocks, check out streaking biker circa 1970)

But I had it on the mind at the start line... Bad sign when it's 1 min before start and all your thinking about is how to navigate the cross town traffic toget home.

Hillside... had a good ride. That's right, ride, not race... Got home mowed the lawn, didn't even phase me. Whatup with that? Need more anger.

Haven't had a 2 race week in a long time. Buck Thurs was an enjoyable grunt on the reverse fats. To top that off, Madeline and Mark both raced... Mark is showing an interest in bike racing. Opposite game, don't push/ have fun.


Madeline and her pink bike courtesy of Behind Bars.

Sunday, Hillside and the Richzilla Production. This MN Series race easily outdoes the rest of the series when it comes to hospitatily, racer appreciation/ support, and the RZ goofball factor. I got no excuse for my "Filler" result. I saved it for race day, everything was clockwork leading up to the startline, cept for the stinking cross town traffic. Getting around SW metro is gridlock.

Off the Start, an interesting pile up/ scuttlebutt finger point... Seeing Hollywoods roadie white shoe go flying was comical. Field sprint, instantly knew that running the handmedown Bontrager mud tires was overkill. Attempted to push, but didn't have any sort of overdrive. So backed off and enjoyed the teeter each lap with an "LCR!" shoutout, attempted all skinny's/ mixed results. Heath was my witness with an early on fail. ha.

Head down, drool, staring at front wheel.

LCR logic- All that really matters is where you finish amungst the Goon Squad. Today, Coldbert had his day and caught me from the Comp's. Gave him a point even though he skipped the teeter. How many years have we been telling him to move back up? He was the original LCR expert with Luke.

Idea- Need more anger = better result. Consult with Hollywood, next time take me down off the start.

Next? More Bucks, mix in a Murphy TT?, leading up to return trip to Cuyana for 100 miles of morc non-race race. Cuyana Nick said I wont be cheated.

Non-bike- Looking forward to Trampled by Turtles/ Band of Horses/ My Morning Jacket outdoor amphitheater concert w/ my Honey...

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