Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Afton doesn't suck but...

you gotta know the loop. Afton is in good shape considering not much dirt moving goes on these days. For those that never been, if you just follow the race course you'll get cheated. Follow the Original 24 hour loop (2012 Afton map).

Photo, Cliffs Edge, so called "expert" (I say Cheater) line to the right. LCR line to the left. If I had any say, I'd block that right line off for the race, then you experts/ comps wont get cheated.


Sign says "DLA"... Squirl Nation circa 2005 or 06... You wont ride this as part of the race on Sunday, yep cheated... 
DLA- High quality photo.

When most others wanted to abandon Manhandler as part of racing, LCR kept it alive. You wont ride this as part of the race on Sunday, yep cheated.

Manhandler- Photo does no justice.

Alps Maintenance bulldozed over the trail at top of Whistler. A few years ago I'd of had a fit, now I just shake my head and move on... Actually enjoyed riding through the loose dirt. Felt like fatbike motorboating. You'll ride this on Sunday... Not cheated. 

Ride it.

You call this a rutt??? This ain't no rutt... This is freakin fun!

Ride it.

I'd like to build a revenge part 2, but life is taking me to North Iowa.

Good time beatdown...

LCR Corner... Little loop, Just like us, random, off to the side, doesnt make sense, do our own thing, but you better be on your game. Keep your head up prior to the corner at the bottom of Shady and you'll see it, and you wont get cheated.
Build by the LCR Infantry.
Afton doesnt suck. But if you keep your head down and just ride the race loops you'll get cheated.

Go enjoy what some call rutts, sketchy, random, non Imba. I call a good time beatdown. Thanks Afton Alps for keeping this trail alive for those that enjoy the pain and suffering.


  1. This loop you write of, how long and how much time for a lap?

    Thanks for the LCR trailwork over the years.

  2. Trying to confuse? cliffs edge line is correct from that angle looking back at it, but when riding up to it - left is cheater and right has the rock line. 8.