Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wolverines! & Uncle Buck (non-bike)

Bikes and bike racing on hold. Sunday was paintball war games for four 12 year olds and getting my "Uncle Buck" skillz on... MN Propaintball summed up as americana in the least of the least... The intent was in the right place as the whole operation was to raise cancer awareness. 500 wannabe and rejected GI Joes/ Janes/ and Jr's...

"Wolverines" in midst of combat
If you've served in the Armed Forces and expect something structured/ organized/ with rules, wrong. Basically just Randoms running around shooting paint. For four 12 year olds calling themselves "Wolverines!", it was a dream come true...

When I was 12 we had 12 gauges and hunted water fowl, now adays they hunt fellow humans with paint.

"Mexican" Headquarters- brains of operation? Nope.
Viva le Mexico!!! Get non-instruction and more compressed air here. Random Riddlers abound.

Wolverines!, Madylion, and Uncle Buck wannabe
Kids had the time of their lives... Now I need to teach them the proper way to respect a gun (even one that just shoots paint)...

Dawn and Madeline were excellent troopers, hanging out in the rain for 3 hours to allow the Wolverines plus an Uncle Buck to get their paint on...

Bike on the Brain--- Not to fret yo, I was tweeking knowing what I was missing on the day at Afton. I've learned, sometimes missing out makes you enjoy the next go around that much more.

Jimmmmay you should of came out and played...

Talk to Jack or Richy for a Tough Mudder story... LCR anti-cross training?

The packing for N Iowa continues.

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  1. Kid to uncle buck, "what do you do for a living". Uncle Buck, "lots of things."